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Product description.
Activate and revitalize the body!
The application of BIO-Energetic Diabetes (Type 2) Tape causes energy vibrations, which activate the self-healing process, and can thus cause a positive change through the activation of all body cells, which in turn can have a positive effect on the Pancreas itself.
The effect of the BIO-Energetic Diabetes (Type 2) Tape is based purely on a bio-energetic basis by subtle harmonisation of natural energy oscillations.
Position 2 times a week for four hours on the stomach area (for example: Wednesday and Sunday). 20 patches are contained in each pack and 3 patches for a trial are contained in this pack.
The BIO-Energetic-Back Diabetes (Type 2) Tape is "informed" about a particular process, so that the body's cells are energized during use, which can lead to the activation of the self-healing processes. The BIO-Energetic Diabetes (Type 2) can be used in combination with professional medical care and depending on the severity of the condition it can take up to three packs (and in some cases more) to complete the treatment.

Bio-Energetic Diabetes (Type 2) Tape (Trial Pack).